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Exercises To Get Rid of Muffin Top.

 Exercises To Get Rid of Muffin Top

I am not a Personal Trainer so cannot guide you through the different routine for you to transform you boby but you can find alot on youtube .

Now if you understand that your weight loss is apart of something else that is happening in your life and not just fat growing on your body for no reason you will get the idea that you dont need expensive gym membership you can do this right there at home at you desk or anywhere as a matter of fact. One you can illuminate the issue around your weight challenges ask yourself the tough question like why am I really gaining weight? what is driving my weight gain? how long am i going to let this keep on going?  Because whether you want to face it or not you are responsible for what is happening in your body and only you alone can change it. YES I SAID IT !!! YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF IT AND ONLY YOU CAN FIX IT.  The weight you gain is the result of the other stuff that you have to deal with some of the things might be in your blind spot which means you might not even know what it is that does mean that you are off the hook, it means however that you should find out if you want to maintain your weight loss or to continue doing the exercise after the excitement is gone because it will take something and that is why its not about the body fat its about what is driving the BODY FAT. I found these on youtube  you can watch them and start from here. Now remember proper breathing is very important. Please take your life in control as I will be doing the same. In most cases if you are doing this correctly you don’t have to change your diet or things you really love to eat however we will still look at some things on the next page so come on over.


Side bends

One Leg Plank






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