Do You Really Want To ????.

Do You Really Want To Lose your Muffin Top???

This did not happen by itself.

This did not happen by itself.


The Weight loss industry is a multi-Billion Dollar industry with many ways for you to lose weight, I search the internet and  found millions of people searching for how to lose muffin top , how to lose belly fat , some even search for how to lose stubborn belly fat.We know that belly fat is probably the hardest fat to lose and that it takes much more time and effort to do so, one reason is that the muscles in your abdomen take a while to transform from fat to muscles. The BIG question is though do you really want to lose that stubborn belly fat? Now this is something you  each time you look in the mirror after a shower or each time you go to the closet to to find some to wear, “boy i really need to lose some weight look at my belly” But 9 out of 10 times that’s it , you continue on your merry until the mirror show up again or when a friend take out their phone to take your picture you have sudden out burst “No i don’t take picture i’m too fat”.


I have paid money to good life gym for 3 years and I can count on 1 hand and maybe 2 fingers how many times  I have actually gone to the gym, then one I got the bright idea that may I should get a personal trainer so I did $3000 dollars later and still did go to the gym and that money went , I don’t consider myself fat I just want so muscles  but that wasn’t reason enough to motivate me to go to the gym.

Just saying you want to lose weight is a start but is that really good enough .  I am a truck driver and one early morning I was delivering to a customer when the guy that’s at the gate came out to check the seal on the trailer he was huge, he weighed in my estimation about 450lbs . I thought to myself how does he feel being that big as you may have ask yourself when you look at other people . Then I said to my self well he might be comfortable in his skin not because  I think he should lose weight means that he is going to or not because it took him about 5 minutes to walk around the trailer means anything to him. The big question is what is the most important reason in your life that is going to cause you to do something  about your weight. You may consider that you want to see your children grow up and get married and that you will get a chance to see your grandchildren, you may not even be interested in weight loss but the fact that you want to be  around for your grandchildren  you may consider the side effect of losing weight  and losing a few pounds wont hurt. After all that would be a good side effect to have dont you agree.


How to lose your muffin top or you may call it stubborn belly fat is not just about the weight on your body but its about your emotional state in your life and also some things that you have accepted in your life to be true , now I am not hear to judge you about what you should or shouldn’t do but I want to let you know that when you get your emotional life in order that losing weight will not be as challenging and you will find that other areas of your life will get better. you may say something like this “if I lose 20lbs and look slim and sexy I would be so confident no one could stop me”. Now you are waiting for something to happen before you get the confidence you need but the truth is you already have the confidence you just need to exercise it and then you will lose the 20lbs. Many time we get into that someday attitude or the attitude of when I retire or when the children finish college or some other when , Start Now for YOU. Unless you take care of yourself you wont be around for anyone else. START TODAY.




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